Nord de Dijon, Côte-d’Or, Bourgogne
Valleys of the Tille and the Ignon
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At 15 minutes from Dijon, explore the valleys of the Tille and the Ignon.

We invite you to visit our website. Here's your essential checklist of the best of the valleys of the Tille and the Ignon attractions and unmissable experiences. You’ll find some practical information about the accommodations and things to do. 

Explore the cultural and natural heritage

Villages are charming and picturesque and some of them are built in a green valley, in forest or over a top of hill. By the river of the Ignon or the Tille, you’ll find incredible places. Into the villages and behind old stones, you’ll explore local curiosities and learn about local legends and history… The valleys of the Tille and the Ignon with its charming nature is waiting for you! 

A region to savour

Burgundy's reputation has crossed borders, notably because of its famous mustard, its snails and its fine wines. You can taste our local Food and discover the ingredients of French and Burgundy’s culture and local producers. About eating, the valleys of the Tille and the Ignon is very famous for its truffle, the fresh Burgundy truffles have a mild and delicate flavor with hazelnut notes and a light aroma. It’s usually available from October through January.

Organize your stay

Here are some ways to find nice and charming places to stay for your next vacation. You could book a room in a hostel or a location. If you want to try a local guest houses, you can book a bed and breakfast or if you're looking for cheap accommodation, you could have a place in a camping. 

Discover local arts and crafts

All along the year we invite you to push the doors of our local artists. You can discover sculptures in wood or in clay, painting or engraving glass… The valleys of the Tille and the Ignon showcases along the year its local talents and offers an opportunity to purchase some special gifts coming up to the holiday season. 

Enjoy the activities

A diverse hiking network of over 70 kilometers of walking trails can be enjoyed along the year in the surrounding area. There is a suitable hiking route for every level. To complete the footpaths, you can also introduce yourself in geocaching to play with you friends or your family or have a fishing experience on the two rivers. There are many others original activities to explore our area like horse riding, bowling classic, cars and motocross racetrack, or flying over the valleys of the Tille and the Ignon ! For fitness or just plain fun, there'll be soon bike path dedicated to cycling and shared with pedestrian’s users.